You ask, I answer, part four

Nicki asked, “What book would you insist your children not leave for college without?”

Mine! . . . Sort of. I’m working on putting together over time a basic cookbook with their favorites, including shopping lists, estimated costs, about how long the recipe takes, and how much the recipe makes. I would hope by then they’ll have internalized some of the really basic ones like clams in a garlic sauce over noodles (which we have roughly once a week because it’s done in about the amount of time it takes pasta to cook and everyone likes it), but it’s good to have them written down anyway.

Aside from that, I’d like it if they had some other good basic cookbook — Joy of Cooking has wonderful descriptions of what the different kinds of ingredients are (i.e., different kinds of flours, sugars, milks, etc.), as well as thorough discussions on cooking techniques; or Ratio talks about the basic ratios you need when cooking — and a journal and/or sketchbook for them to keep their thoughts in.

Your turn — what do you think kids shouldn’t leave home without?

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  1. That’s such a cool idea!

    Currently my husband is working on our family history, and plans to write the Ivey side from my daughter’s perspective, and the Pfiffner side from my son’s perspective. Additionally, my dad wrote a collection of family stories that I really want to get published for them. Hopefully they’ll want to carry around some of my books, too, but we’ll leave that up to them. 🙂

    • Family history’s cool!

      I actually expect my kids will leave most of their fiction here throughout college, and probably for as long as they can get away with thereafter before taking it with them. 😉

  2. That’s a fantastic idea :). You should epub it when you’re done so others can benefit too :).

    As to which book, my guys are specific in their tastes, so I wouldn’t presume to choose for them :). However, my little sis did put together a going to college kit for my oldest (youngest is commuting as you know) based on something I did for her when she went. No books that I recall, but little toys, emergency food, first aid and the like.

    • I’ll think about the publishing. I don’t imagine our family favorites are going to have that wide an audience. 🙂

      That college kit is an excellent idea. Tools, too?

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