Yes! First one done!

Complete at 76,972. This book is off to my first readers, who will no doubt tell me “You don’t need this scene, you should’ve circled back to this, and by the way, you have a dozen typos on the fifth page.” Well, maybe not that many typos clustered together.

Words written today: 2,715
Words written 2017: 38,840
Average words/day 2017: 1,494
Books completed 2017: ONE!
Pages read: 1 chapter
Books read 2017: 1
Exercise reps: 3

Why not do the exercises? I need to do something with this bounce-off-the-walls energy because I’m so excited at hitting the end.

And then I’ll get some freelance work in and poke at the outline of the next book in this series — and tomorrow? I work on editing Sabra’s second book.

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  1. *raucous cheers* *fireworks*

    Congratulations on your first book finished in 2017!

  2. Congrats :). Love the fireworks :).

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