We’ve sprung!

Yes, we’re running about a month behind usual, but we do have spring flowers in the yard at last. Click through to see them all, as well as a couple pictures of bushes.

budding hellebore

This hellebore is still working its way out of last fall’s dead leaves.

blooming hellebore

Hellebore’s blooming, but so low to the ground, I almost missed it.

crocuses (or maybe croci)

The croci are blooming! (And the sedum blooms from last fall need to be cut down.)


Daffodils! Always my favorites.

budding azalea

The front of the azalea took some damage this winter and is going to have to be trimmed out.


This holly bush, next to our front door, took a lot of ice, wind, and cold damage. I don’t know how much of it’s going to be salvageable.

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  1. Our azalea bushes took a hard hit too.

    • 🙁

      I think the only reason our rhododendron didn’t is because the deer always generously trim it back to nothing for us.

  2. Kathleen Hammond

    Nice. I must trim my sedum this year. It’s been awhile . . . .

    • My favorite time of year. Within a month, though, the trees will be pollinating everything, making it impossible to breathe.

  3. Hugs on the bushes but the flowers look beautiful. Hubby and son were discussing something that’s come up in the garden…onions or garlic I think. We’re not sure the Honey Crisp apple tree survived, but the cherry trees both have leaves.

    • Honey Crisp apples — yum! The only things that leaf out later than our apple tree are our crape myrtles, so it’s probably too soon to worry about it yet.

      Garlic does tend to come up early. Try green garlic in recipes (or look for recipes that call for garlic scapes). Yum!

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