V is for Vallejo

That’s Boris Vallejo, illustrator extraordinaire, in case there was any doubt. He’s done other work — at least one Star Trek tie-in novel cover, and National Lampoon’s European Vacation poster, for example — but one of his illustrations of a scantily clad (or unclad) woman or man, muscles clearly defined, often with the background vanishing into clouds, is instantly recognizable. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but two of mine would be Icarus and Golden Wings.

I was fortunate to see him as the artist guest of honor last year at Renovation SF (though I missed the opportunity to see him at Philcon!). Definitely a highlight!

How about you? Do you like his work? Have a favorite painting? Or find some other style more appealing?

(Yes, there are other artists I like as well. But I needed a V post, and my husband suggested this one.)

This is a post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. My theme is epic fantasy, and blog posts will cover authors, books, tropes, themes, or anything else I can think of to fill the alphabet. Check out some of the other bloggers participating or follow my blog by e-mail if you like what you’ve read.

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  1. Oh, dear. I think I’m going to be stuck on his website for the rest of the day. Gorgeous work! I love the woman on the front of the website and the satyr on the front of the Gallery page. I wish I could find someone like that to do my fantasy artwork. (I wish I could do it myself!)

    • It would be easy to spend days looking at his art, wouldn’t it? 😀 You could check DeviantArt for artists — I know some people there will do commissions, but I don’t know their rates. You can find someone whose style you like and negotiate directly.

      I can do some art, but to invest the time to be that good at it, I’d have to stop writing (and probably a few other activities as well), so I’m content to leave it as a sometime hobby.

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