Unexpected joys

Friday, I was supposed to go to the library, but with everything else I did, I felt much too frazzled. So some books were overdue.

My daughter and I went today (Saturday) and discovered that they were having a birthday party for their pet lizard, complete with live music and birthday cake.

Excuse the blurriness at the beginning of this one. So amazed at the girl’s voice.

And this one, I’m including because bagpipe.

Oh, and I wrote 502 words after staying up late doing freelance work that I have to get out the door. I cannot believe I am this far behind!

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  1. Lovely singing. One of my favorite songs since West Wing used it so well in a Holiday episode.

    Yay on the writing!

  2. The library has a pet lizard! What a hoot! 😀

    • Yes, they had a contest to name him last year and everything!

      They also occasionally host days to read to dogs. It’s very different from the library I grew up with. 😉

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