To tell the truth

I owe you answers to last week’s puzzler. (I also owe you a Friday flash starring Drake — next week, I promise!)

The lies are

  • I’m the XBox Queen in our house.
  • My hair has been long enough for me to sit on it.
  • I can speak Irish Gaelic.

That would be 3, 2, and 1, in order. Oddly enough, that means my mom knows me best. 😉

The first group:

Everyone assumed that I have, indeed, sewn, crocheted, and knitted clothes for both my kids. Guess it’s obvious I’m inclined to crafty things.

Yes, I’ve been to Russia — in the summer of 1984, I went with the People-to-People High School Student Ambassador Program. We did six countries in six weeks, including Ireland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. (Okay, I suppose technically at the time it was the Soviet Union, but we visited Leningrad and Moscow, and I’ve always just told people I went to Russia.)

However, I don’t play on the Xbox. I sit there and give advice to other people on what to do, and I look up things on my iPad, but I don’t play it myself.

The second group:

In sixth grade, I got the chicken pox. One of the things I’d never heard about this is that the virus takes up residence in your nerves. It can also impair senses, especially if you’re predisposed to problems. That was the same year my younger brother started wearing glasses, too.

My hair has gotten as far my lower back, but never long enough to sit on.

And my right foot is indeed that much bigger than my left, probably because for years after my accident, I carried most of my weight on the right side, and would often stand with my right leg supporting me entirely. They used to be less than half a size off from each other.

The third group:

I’ve toyed with learning Irish, just as I’ve put in some time poking at German and learning Japanese kana. I probably remember fewer than half a dozen words, though.

I love the wood lathe. I took wood-working to fill a breadth requirement in college and discovered that I have a knack for turning. What I don’t have is room to keep one or the time to devote to using it, so it’s something I’ve learned that may enrich my stories in the future, but not something I’ll ever pursue as a real hobby.

During college, I picked up a book and harmonica from Klutz books — Country & Blues Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless (at the time, it didn’t come with a CD). I learned the basics, and I can still play scales and bend notes, but I’d be hard pressed to even play “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Next week, I’ll try to post more content, including a story from Drake. Meanwhile, I’m going to go make some ice cream to cope with the summer.

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