Time for time off!

Some really fun things today. Our daughter decided she wanted purple streaks in her hair, so I helped her do that — bleaching, rinsing, dyeing, washing and conditioning … we’ll see how it looks in the sun tomorrow. Didn’t get to it until late.

Also maybe not fun but related to fun, I sent my twinkling stars skirt back to ThinkGeek for exchange because one of the light strings doesn’t work. I love the skirt, so I’m really looking forward to having one that works completely.

And I wrote 675 words tonight.

Coming up: time visiting family. Still will be posting word counts.

colored wolf

Picture my daughter colored on an app. She likes lots of bright colors. I love her creative use of the colors.

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  1. Yay, fun and family! I hope the replacement skirt is fully functional, and arrives quickly.

  2. Love the coloring job on that wolf. Yay for them replacing the skirt. Hope the hair coloring comes off well in the sunlight.

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