Things I have learned today

There are a disturbing number of threads on the Internet about soundproofing car trunks. Many of them seem to be about properly balancing the sound of subwoofers, but at least one poster said that he wanted it to be able to stand up to kicks. (Why, yes, this was story related. I have a minivan — no trunk.)

M&Ms do not bake well inside a white cake.

Coarsely crushed coffee beans (or coarsely chopped) work much better for coffee ice cream than coarsely ground because you can mostly filter them out with a mesh strainer.

What have you learned today?

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  1. Some guys are just … creepy.

  2. It’s very early, and I’ve been researching memory foam mattress toppers, because I cannot stand the pain inflicted by this bed in SA for one more night. I’ve learned I should be able to find one locally. I’ll be shopping today.

    I’m getting accustomed to IOS7 on the iPad. It’s…white. Other than that, it’s pretty easy to adjust to.

    • Hugs on the mattress! Hope you find a good replacement.

      I haven’t upgraded my iOS yet. I’m not wild about some of the app upgrades (like WordPress), so I want to adjust to them first.

  3. Lady ducks are never as attractive as man ducks (properly called drakes), and some ducks that have fantastic plumage (like Mallards, for instance) don’t have that coloring all year ’round – only when it’s time to impress the ladies.

    Duck Dynasty is a lot more popular than I expected. It overwhelms the search results on Amazon when looking for simply “duck”.

    There aren’t enough Pekin Duck stuffed animals.

    A Wrinkle in Time comes as a graphic novel.

    • Someone is clearly researching ducks!

      I’ve been pretty amazed at some of the graphic novels I’ve found at the local library.

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