The week in reading, Jan 9-13

What have I been reading this week? Not a lot, to tell you the truth. I tried to read while lying in bed sick the other day, but the eyes just wouldn’t focus. Made some progress on the next Dragonvarld book by Margaret Weis, though. It surprised me a bit — I was expecting the second book to start when Melisande’s sons were around 20, not when they were just 6. Rather glad for the surprise, too.

I picked up Yseult by Ruth Nestvold the other day when it was (briefly) free on the Kindle store (currently $2.99). I’ve only read the prologue so far, but I like the voice. Also, it’s nice to start with Yseult’s point-of-view, rather than Tristan’s.

Today, I picked up Bits of You and Pieces of Me by Kimberly Kinrade. It’s also free for a limited time. I haven’t read any of it yet, but I do follow Kinrade’s blog, and it’s interesting to see the range of works she’s putting out.

I’ve also been reading blogs, Twitter, and Facebook (of course), as well as some short pieces of fiction for Hugo consideration. Really enjoyed “Thirty Seconds From Now” by John Chu.

This weekend, I’m hoping to finish up Alma Alexander’s 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens, and maybe glance at a cozy mystery or two (There were a few of those in Kindle’s free selection, too).

What about you? What are you reading this week?

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