The mice and the bats

When my son was in elementary school, I wrote a note and tucked it into his lunch every day (even after he told me in fifth grade that he wasn’t reading them any more because his best friend always teased him about it). Since my daughter has started elementary school, I’ve been doing the same for her. A bit over a week into the school year, it suddenly dawned on me that I could add pictures to her notes. What’s more, I could turn them into a story! Presented below are the scans of the first month of illustrations (not the best scans, wrinkled papers, etc.).

Oh, and my son was unhappy when he discovered I’m doing a cartoon sort of thing for his sister, as he never got one.

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  1. What? You’re just going to leave us hanging like that?

  2. Fantastic idea, and I’m with Bonnie :). You could change it into a picture book once you’re done :).

  3. Well Done! Please . . . may I have more . . . .

  4. Ashe Elton Parker

    Oh, cool! That’s so neat.

    Maybe your son, having seen these your daughter is getting, would be amenable to receiving his own such stories in his lunch again?

  5. That is just unbelievably cool!

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