Teaching the next generation

I started another Smoke and Drake flash, but it’s not done yet. Perhaps next week. Meanwhile, some random bits about streaming old TV shows for the kids:

  • I told my son that the Borg owe a lot to Braniac with the whole adaptability pretty much immune to the same trick twice. He was shocked. “Aren’t the Borg older than Braniac?”

    “No, I was reading about Braniac at your age. The Borg didn’t show up until I was an adult.”

    “Wasn’t Star Trek around?”

    Well . . . TOS came out when I was a toddler. But TNG and the Borg? I was in college. And Braniac? I had to look it up; if you’re curious, his first appearance was July 1958.

    His mind was blown. All of it was older than him, so specifics had eluded him.

  • During a different Justice League episode, my daughter had no clue who Terry McGinnis was. He’s Batman’s successor, originally from the Batman Beyond series. So I told her this, then said in an offhand fashion that the episode used time travel — “You know, like Doctor Who does.”

    She accepted that totally. Genre-savvy six-year-old girl for the win!

  • And then, during dinner-time banter, “To Serve Man” came up. My husband pulled up Netflix and streamed the Twilight Zone episode so our son could get the full benefit of the reference.

So that’s our kids’ education for the day. What’ve you been up to this April Friday?

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  1. Fun :). I just made a spec fic reference…two actually (6 of 9 and one other 9 reference) and kid’s friends got the reference. Nice to know he has good taste in friends :).

    • Surely 7 of 9? 😉

      I don’t think my son’s best friend would get any of these references. *sigh*

  2. Geekifying the youth of the nation. LOL! I like it.

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