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Fall shares one of the drawbacks of spring: pollen. This is why I like the first hard frost of the year; it kills plants so they’ll stop trying to kill me. (My son tells me neither the plants nor Pennsylvania are actually trying to kill me. I tell him I’ll believe that when they stop.) Between allergies and various medications to lessen their impact, I have a hard time focusing. This is the primary reason I haven’t gotten much writing or freelance work done for a couple of weeks — it’s too easy to drift, trying to remember what else needs to get done.

This makes today a real accomplishment, as I took cardboard boxes to the recycling center, got another gallon of milk before we ran out, checked my post office box (empty, as usual), copyedited a journal article, and did my Inktober sketch. Still no words, but this feels like progress.

Today’s Inktober prompt was “gigantic.” This is an Aldabra giant tortoise from the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, sketched with the Copic Multiliner.

ink drawing of giant tortoise
photo of giant tortoise

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  1. Ugh allergies, you have my sympathy. I think mine are on the verge of slowing down. (I live in a state that has 200 varieties of maple trees and a house that has 3 cats. Guess what 2 things I’m allergic to? Hahaha)

    Great tortoise! I like the shadowing and that angle of his legs – it’s an action pose. 🙂

    • Good grief, but you’re up early!

      Hooray for your allergies getting ready to wind down!

      And thank you! It was pretty cool watching him move. 🙂

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