Books, a family obsession

Today, we went to a coffee roastery and used bookstore with my in-laws. Before I could even say the coffee held no interest for me and I would be browsing the books, our daughter exclaimed,”Books!” and made a beeline for the rear of the store, where she quickly located the children’s books, plopped into a rocker, and started reading.

The haul for the day included two books for the girl (a Bailey School Kids mystery and a Powerpuff Girls book), a few books for the boy (Anne McCaffrey and Mary Renault, courtesy of his grandmother, and a Cinda Williams Chima book), a book on beer brewing for my husband, and two writing books for me — Keyes’ The Courage to Write (which I keep checking out of the library) and Zinsser’s On Writing Well (which I’ve heard good things about but never actually read). I take it back — I also got one new book, on writing comics.

It was lots of fun, and we all came out happy. That’s one of many things I’m grateful for this Monday.

What are you grateful for today?

Today’s parenting adventure

The girl starts first grade on Monday. All summer long, she’s been wearing her old clothes, but the school district (reasonably enough) frowns on hot pants and miniskirts. The rule is “fingertip-length,” which I didn’t understand at first (her fingers are only a few inches long, after all) but have learned means when her hands hang at her sides, there has to be cloth down at least as far as her fingertips.

This meant an afternoon of shopping. Continue reading