Three random things

Two-headed monster

(First thing)
Last week, I told the kids we’d do what they wanted for the last day of summer. They opted for the Da Vinci Science Center, so that’s where we spent the afternoon. (Morning was library, comics and gaming store, and ice cream shop for lunch.)

Which means that the kids are back in school now. Huzzah! This, of course, is what I’m grateful for. Continue reading

Things I have learned today

There are a disturbing number of threads on the Internet about soundproofing car trunks. Many of them seem to be about properly balancing the sound of subwoofers, but at least one poster said that he wanted it to be able to stand up to kicks. (Why, yes, this was story related. I have a minivan — no trunk.)

M&Ms do not bake well inside a white cake.

Coarsely crushed coffee beans (or coarsely chopped) work much better for coffee ice cream than coarsely ground because you can mostly filter them out with a mesh strainer.

What have you learned today?

Random interview

L.C. Aisling tagged me for a random online interview. My apologies for taking so long to get around to responding!


1. Questions can be about everything. You can’t change the questions.

2. Answer must be at least 3 lines long and must be answered truthfully.

3. Don’t like the question? Look at Rule number 1.

Only then may you assign the next blogger to answer your ten questions. Continue reading