Spring in bloom

The color on the dogwood looks especially vibrant on the overcast and rainy days, which means something out there isn’t gray, anyway.

(Taken last week, not today. Sorry; it’s just a hectic week.)

You ask, I answer, part one

Taking two questions from last week, one from Nicki and one from B.C:

1. Changing a tire without looking helpless.

First of all, don’t feel self-conscious. Changing a tire is something a lot of people never learn. And it’s been a while since I’ve had to do it, so I fully expect someone to come along and correct me in the comments for all the things I screw up. Continue reading

Monday bit of joy

In case you’re having trouble remembering that Monday means possibility, have a gander at the latest flowers in my front bed. The girl was very excited to note that they look like hearts!


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like more snow

If you’ve paid attention to the news this past week (or if you’re on the East Coast yourself), you know about the blizzard this week. I’m getting kind of tired of all the snow days the kids have had (two last week, two this week, more snow coming next week — I think we’re around twelve snow days for the year so far?). There’s no question that they’ve been warranted, though. A foot of snow and ice? Yeah, you don’t want kids walking to school in that, or school buses trying to drive in it. So, for your viewing pleasure, the latest shots of the yard. Continue reading

Today’s weather

We’re on the lower band of the current storm, which means wintry mix instead of the snow people farther north are getting. We got snow early, followed by sleet and freezing rain. That pretty dogwood I posted yesterday? Snow’s gone, and it’s coated with ice.

Shoveling’s not going to be fun today, but the college my husband works at only has a two-hour delay, which means he does have to head out. This in turn means the driveway does need to be shoveled.

On the other hand, I’m not driving anywhere on the icy streets today, and our son has yet another snow day.

How’s your Wednesday shaping up?

My own personal Janus

me with purple hair

Looking back (last year)

me with green hair

Looking forward (the coming year)

I’ve switched from twilight to growth. Or perhaps I was blooming, and I’ve deadheaded the old blooms to encourage production.

Or maybe I’m just a writer stretching for a metaphor because that’s what we do, and the truth is I changed my hair from purple and red to all-over green.

Any changes you’ve made to start the year?

Friday no flash

It’s been one of those weeks — actually, it’s been a pretty busy month, with back-to-back proofreading deadlines followed by being sick all of this week (because October and November, I always get attacked by the multi-week cold), plus tons of family stuff to do. (October is the busiest month for my son’s school band.) So I thought I’d just catch you up on a few things today, starting with stuff about my friends. (Or, er, more than a few.) Continue reading