Jekylls for sale

Jekylls coverMy new novella, Jekylls, is now up for sale. This is an SF thriller, involving genetic manipulation and set essentially in the modern-day San Francisco Bay Area, a biotech area I’m familiar with. Check out the excerpt below, and if you like what you read, consider purchasing it. (I should tell you, however, that I’m working on a collection of all three of my novellas, Dreampunk, Farwalker, and Jekylls, so if you haven’t picked up the others yet and want to hold off and pick up the collection, I’ll understand.)

Lou Lopez’s normal life falls apart when he’s diagnosed with a new genetic mutation. The beautiful CEO wants to date him. Members of his support group want answers. Lou just wants to know whether he’s changing into a monster–and how he can stop.

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Farwalker for sale

Cover for Farwalker novellaThe latest addition to my published stories, Farwalker, isn’t quite as bright and cheerful as most of my work. I think it’s still hopeful as it shows a man struggling to save everybody on his ship, but the story definitely visits some dark spots along the way.

When saboteurs wreck the hydroponics bay of the colony ship Promise, First Captain Djon Farwalker struggles to find a way to keep his crew alive, even if that means taking the long walk out of an airlock to decrease oxygen consumption on-board. His wife challenges him to find another way, tensions heighten, and factions quickly develop, including those who want the colony idea abandoned.

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