Ophid Dei for sale

Cover for "Ophid Dei"This actually went live at the end of last week, but as I noted, I took a long weekend. Ophid Dei is a novelette — which is to say, it’s longer than your average short story, but shorter than a novella or short novel, such as Heart of Darkness (to use an example most people will recognize). It involves a little gender-bending, and some of the action is a bit more risqué than some of my other stories, so if you’re squeamish, don’t read the excerpt. That said, I hope you do read, enjoy, and decide you’d like to see the rest.

When the “snake” aliens took over Earth, they started radio-tagging the humans. Disguised as a girl, Sovann has managed to hide from the snakes for a decade, but now they need someone without a tag. Captured, unable to escape, how long can he remain hidden?

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