Miniature Golf Course Murders for sale

cover for Miniature Golf Course Murders
My second cozy mystery under the Sara Penhallow pen name, The Miniature Golf Course Murders, is now available for purchase — in both e-book and print formats. (Currently, print is only available directly from CreateSpace; within a week, it should be available from Amazon as well. Other distributors may take 6 to 8 weeks to show its availability.) Oh! And this is enrolled in Amazon’s MatchBook program, which means if you buy the paperback from them, you can get the Kindle version free.

Isobel Santini solved River Corner’s first grisly murders in decades. She was happy to turn over crime-solving to her cousin, the chief of police, and get back to her life, a life that included a handsome new professor, Greg Stone. Life doesn’t remain simple, of course. While out on a date at the local miniature golf course, Isobel and Greg discover a dead body. Around town, tempers flare as the town prepares for its annual Summerfest amidst finger pointing, electoral divides, and town-gown conflicts that usually give the summer a rest.

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Christmas Tree Farm Murders for sale

cover for The Christmas Tree Farm MurdersMy alter ego, Sara Penhallow, has published her first mystery. As soon as I figure out this “Multisite” functionality of WordPress 3.0, I’ll be creating a blog for her on her page, although I won’t be updating it as often as I do this blog. This is the first of two mystery series I’m working on; I won’t launch the other until two or three of the River Corners series are up.

Below, I’ve posted the first chapter of this mystery, along with links to buy the e-book. (Sorry, no paperbacks yet. I’ll let you know when they’re available, possibly later this year.)

Isobel Santini–managing editor, terrible cook, and best friend–is present at the discovery of a grisly murder. Shaken, she tries to return to her normal routine working at the college press, but when her best friend becomes the prime suspect and a second murder follows the first, Isobel has to drag herself out of her slush and into the snow to hunt for clues, much to the disapproval of her cousin, the chief of police. Along the way to finding the killer, she encounters a handsome newcomer, endures the town Christmas pageant, evades her match-making aunt, and forgets to put up her own Christmas tree. The dénouement comes in the off-white linoleum halls of academe, when Isobel and the killer confront each other face-to-face.

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