Margaret McGaffey Fisk on Researching Beneath the Mask

As promised, today I have for you a guest post from Margaret McGaffey Fisk, talking about the research she did for Beneath the Mask. If this sounds interesting to you, check out the excerpt she’s posted on her blog and enter to win a copy of the e-book or one of two copies of her fantasy short story. (Deadline is Thursday, October 31!) Thank you, Margaret! Continue reading

Friday no flash

It’s been one of those weeks — actually, it’s been a pretty busy month, with back-to-back proofreading deadlines followed by being sick all of this week (because October and November, I always get attacked by the multi-week cold), plus tons of family stuff to do. (October is the busiest month for my son’s school band.) So I thought I’d just catch you up on a few things today, starting with stuff about my friends. (Or, er, more than a few.) Continue reading