Inktober 2 — Octopus

Been busy all day, what with grocery shopping, the girl’s soccer, and gaming with friends. Finally sat down with pen and paper. In this case, a Uniball Signo. And the image I found on Twitter, linked from Tumblr (and because of the way iOS apps don’t always play well with others, I can’t even figure out whose Tumblr it was shared from, as if I click the “visit” link on Pinterest, I get the “please sign in” page for Tumblr, even though I’m signed in on the app; I’ll try to track down the original tomorrow — EDIT: Original is from


Inktober participation

Seven years ago, Jake Parker came up with the idea of doing an ink drawing every day for a month to improve his inking skills. He liked the results so much he created the annual Inktober challenge.

Inktober logo

I’ve eyed the sketches on various social media for a couple years now, and this year I’ve decided to take the plunge and join in. I don’t have fancy brush pens, but I have some Pentel pens of varying colors and Micro-Line pens of different thicknesses to play with, and I found a book at the Easton library on hand lettering — so I’ve got lots of playing to do. I’ll probably try to follow the prompts at least occasionally, but my goal is to have fun for the 31 days.

hand Drawn Lettering: Draw Print Paint by Max Marlborough

Anyone else want to give it a try?