Inktober 9 — girl on path

This one is based on a picture I took of my daughter years ago at a nearby park. She was holding a ladybug in her hands, and we were waiting for my husband and son who were biking from the other end of this path.

When this picture was just the black outlines, it looked rather foreboding.

Then I added color, to bring it back to the summer day when the picture was captured. Media: printer paper, Uniball Signo pen, a few Sharpie markers, and a few Staedtler Triplus pens.

This took quite a bit of time, which is, of course, why I stick with simpler pics on weekdays.

Inktober 8 — jellies

I spent most of the day sitting outside for a yard sale that didn’t get much sold. (On the other hand, we earned something.) You might think this would have been the ideal time for me to sketch, but in the swarms of gnats, that just wasn’t feasible. So after that and making dinner and getting my daughter to bed, I just wanted to do something simple (cue suggestions from son of crazy lady in a lightning storm and from husband of puppy stuck in a tree) — not faces or hands.

Thus, jellyfish.

Inktober 7 — hands

After yesterday, I decided to focus on the hard things — heads, hands, proportions. Sketched my husband’s hands while he was playing on the Xbox. The right thumb is too long and the fingers on both hands too thin, but overall, it’s not bad, I think.