A good start to the week

Since last summer, we’ve been having a mostly weekly D&D game with friends. I mentioned back in April that I ran a one-shot Numenera adventure for the group. This summer’s been more off than on, between our vacation, summer school, and their vacation (Pennsic*, which they just got back from), so we haven’t been progressing much on the adventure.

On the other hand, that means the last couple of times we’ve gotten together, we’ve played other games that we have, like Zombie Dice (theirs — I still need to buy some), We Didn’t Playtest This at All (and We Didn’t Playtest This Either), RoboRally, Boss Monster, and Exploding Kittens. (No, really, it’s fun, even if you like cats.) This, in fact, is what we did yesterday evening.

So I’m grateful for fun games, good friends, and especially friends who want to get together and spend time playing even after they’ve just gotten back into town.

What are you grateful for this week?

What I did for ITTD

ITTD stands for International TableTop Day. Now, I didn’t register our event on that site this year — after all, it was just our regular gaming group — but it’s a good place to get information if you want to know more.

The incredible people at Monte Cook Games, who are releasing Weird Discoveries (a book with ten instant Numenera adventures), decided to give one of those adventures to anyone who registered with them to run a game this past Saturday.

I’ve wanted to play Numenera since backing the Kickstarter, but our group’s been doing D&D (4th edition), so I haven’t had a chance. I mentioned to the group that we could do a one-shot adventure for ITTD, and they thought that sounded like fun — which meant this was my first chance to run Numenera.

So today I am grateful to awesome game designers and the amazing group I game with, who took a new system and ran with it for fun all around. (Note to self: in the future, before sending a caravan through a mysterious portal, be sure to know where the portal goes. The group might decide to follow up on that!)

Maybe when we finish up our current campaign, the group might want to actually do a Numenera campaign. If not, there are more of those instant adventures I can run for variety.

What are you grateful for today?