Monday gratitude

Posting this rather late in the day, at least partly because I spent so much of the day feeling ungrateful and overwhelmed. I’m writing on one book, editing another, supposed to be outlining yet a third (but didn’t get to that today), plus I have both copyediting and proofreading deadlines at the moment and my son just started band camp, which means three weeks of interrupting my work in the middle of the day to go get him. And this doesn’t even count the stuff like my sketches that I need to get back to or the dragon I’m knitting…

So, yeah, overwhelmed and more than a little snappish about it.

Then it occurred to me that I was literally being ungrateful for plenty, which is stupid. I have so much — not just paying work, but paying work from repeat clients who like my work; not just my own projects, but creativity overflowing in multiple outlets; and not just family, but children who are trying to walk that line between greater independence/responsibility and still needing and wanting parental involvement.

That’s a lot to be grateful for. (And maybe if I have the sense to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, it’ll be easier to remember in the morning.)

What are you grateful for this week?