Flowers for summer

mixed bouquet

Last week, I didn’t plan on getting much work done, what with it being the last week of school for the kids. Sure enough, I did lunch with my daughter’s class, plus the annual outing with the kids for ice cream. Also did a trip to a library in a neighboring town, plus ran through the car wash because the girl really loves that.

And, of course, different flowers are blooming. Last week marked the end of the peonies for this year, but the rose is blooming, as are the red hot pokers, and the Monarda (bee balm) will be starting soon. Clematis is budding, too. Not expecting anything from the crape myrtles until next month, though. So what do we do with this bounty of blossoms? Well, the girl wanted to take flowers in to her teacher. Hence, the bouquet.

Now we’re back to remembering how to deal with Mom wanting to work with the kids at home. We’ll get it straightened out by the end of the week, I’m sure. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying their enthusiasm.

What are you grateful for this week?

Bright spots

Spring continues, and the weather doesn’t seem to be sure what it wants to do. It rained most of last this week. This week looks to be mostly sunny, but cooler and much windier. Also, lots more pollen. We’ve moved on to pine pollen predominating, I think.

azalea in bloom

On the other hand, we’re still getting beautiful displays by plants like our azalea bush, and the peonies are starting to bud out, so I’m looking forward to their fragrance soon. (I take extra antihistamines for it. Yes, I’m still and always grateful for all forms of modern medicine!)

The other thing I’m really grateful for today is supportive friends, the ones who encourage me to stretch myself and who are there with words of encouragement if things don’t go as I’d hoped. You know who you are. Thank you!


So much to be grateful for today. It’s warm at last — today’s about 70. Lovely.

The seeds my daughter and I planted are coming right along. Some of them look like they’re ready to go outside (peas and beans, mostly), but I don’t have a space for them yet.

sprouting seeds

This morning, I took a picture of the budding daffodils on the side of our house. This afternoon, I took more pictures because they actually started opening during the day.

daffodil buds

daffodils opening

blooming daffodils

The croci, of course, are blooming in every color imaginable.

purple croci

white croci

yellow crocus

bed of croci

And even the hellebores are struggling out of the ground (and the impacted leaves from last fall).

hellebores unfurling

So the flowers that bloom in the spring (tra-la) are what I’m grateful for today. What about you?