Handmade and other goodies

Leading up to Christmas, I took some time out from working on my son’s quilt to work on presents — specifically, sweaters for both kids.

Variegated sweater with butterflies

Crocheted sweater for 4-year-old. Butterflies crocheted from embroidery floss and stitched on with thread.

I have more butterflies to add to the girl’s sweater. Maybe I’ll add a couple each time it goes into the wash. By the end of winter, it should have a whole flock of them.
Knitted sweater front in variegated blues.

Knitted sweater for 10-year-old -- front, back, and neck. Note that the yarn knits up in stripes; they do match front and back.

Trickiest part of the boy’s sweater is getting the stripes to match. I’ve taken most of this week to make sure I’m starting with both sleeves such that the stripes will be the same on both arms. With luck, he’ll have the sweater to wear when he goes back to school next week.

Princess tow truck

I can't take credit for this one. The girl wanted a "princess tow truck car" for Christmas, and Santa obliged. Snow White is on the other side of the truck, and Belle and Aurora are inside the doors. Jasmine was on the front, but fell off.