Mmmmmmm. Chocolate.

It is no secret that I love chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate. The chocolate oranges that you whack to break apart, candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate truffles (easiest ever are from one of Marcel Desaulniers’ cookbooks), hot chocolate on a winter day. A couple of years ago, my husband gave me this luscious chocolate-brown long winter coat for Christmas. Chocolate everything.

In celebration of the “What’s Your Chocolate?” blog hop today, I’m sharing my favorite chocolate recipe, a flourless torte adapted from one that appeared in the first issue of Chocolatier magazine. Continue reading

Mmmm. Chocolate chip cookies

Yes, I’m grateful for chocolate chip cookies. I’m grateful for how easy they are to make, how good they taste (with or without nuts), how much my family appreciates it when I make them. There’s nothing quite like taking a break in the middle of working to have a hot cup of tea and a couple of cookies. Of course, then I have to plan for some exercise to work off those cookies, but that’s okay.

Mmmmm. Chocolate.