Quite the character!

Ack! I completely forgot this was supposed to go up on Sunday. My apologies for the tardiness!

So this month’s topic is to blog about our favorite character. For me, this is both very easy and very hard — easy because my favorite character is whoever I’m writing about at the time. (Or if I’m writing one thing and planning another, both sets are my simultaneous favorites.)

Right now, I’m working on the second River Corners cozy mystery, and I love most of the characters — well, some I enjoy because they’re so awful. Fortunately, people like that are easier to tolerate when I’m writing than they are in real life! I love the interactions Isobel has with her mother, her cousin, and her friends, most of whom she’s grown up with. And her mother and aunt are marvelous fun in their attempts at one-upmanship. So that’s one set of favorites.

I’m also doing some brainstorming on a novel I started a few years ago but stopped because I got hung up on an issue of world-building (which I’ve figured out recently how to deal with). This one’s full of larger-than-life characters . . . and their everyday concerns. It deals with heroes and Heroes (the capital is important), with godkin and god-touched and gods. It’s also about family rivalries, jealousy, and first love. And that’s my other set of current favorite characters.

For the record, I do like characters others create, too. Ideally, I want great, believable characters and strong plots, whether I’m reading or watching. My favorite seasons of Buffy to rewatch, for example, are the ones where the villains are fun characters, too. (The mayor is my favorite.) I also really like the Tommy and Tuppence books by Agatha Christie — again, for their interactions with each other, more than for the plots.

What about you? Who are some of your favorite characters?

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