100 days?

Maybe a month ago, I ran across 100 Days of Making, and I was intrigued with the idea. I set the link aside to think about what I’d like to do. I went back to visit this week and realized they actually started April 6.

But that’s okay. I could start now and either catch up or go for 100 days.

The problem is still — what would I do?

  • 100 days of sketches? I’m already trying to sketch each day.
  • 100 days of haiku? Maybe, although a lot of my haiku doesn’t follow technical definitions with seasonal references and the like.
  • 100 days of origami, maybe folding cranes? Yeah, I’d probably get bored with that pretty quickly because of the repetition.
  • 100 days of crocheting and knitting squares of different patterns to join into an afghan at the end? Certainly a possibility.
  • 100 days of quilting different quilt blocks for the same idea? Ha! No way I’d manage a block a day.
  • 100 days of flower photographs? Or birds, or trees? That one has potential.
  • 100 days of photos with accompanying haiku? Ooh, that’s promising, but I am I going to find it too much by the second or third month?

Then, of course, I realized that with summer coming and potential trips, I might  well discover I couldn’t post to Instagram every day. (Oh, yes, just what I need — another social media network!)

So my current thought is to wait until after vacation time, and then start my 100 day count, even if everyone at The Great Discontent is done by then — if I still think I need another challenge in my life.

Does this sound interesting to you? What kind of creative thing could you do for 100 days?