Camping out at my keyboard

Camp NaNoWriMo participant badgeI was going to do a big post about Camp NaNoWriMo, but Nicki wrote about it so much better already: Off to Camp.

This post, then, simply serves to say that I am joining in the fun this summer; I’ve signed up for both June and August. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’m writing epic fantasy this year, or that I’m writing in a world where music and magic are inextricably intertwined. My plan is to start writing on June 1 and keep going until I either finish the series or have to take time off to write sequels to other books (like my next cozy mystery!).

I plan to keep up on my regular posting; don’t worry about that. 🙂

If you’re a writer, are you heading off to Camp NaNo this summer? What summer plans do you have, writer or not?