Back to it

I’ve been really lax about blogging since I got back from vacation. Lax about writing, too, but I’m trying to dig in.

Words written today: 119
Words written this month: 4.470
Words written 2017: 134,869
Average words/day 2017: 681
Books completed 2017: 1 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 0
Books read 2017: 12? 13? I just finished one yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I read one or two around the end of vacation.
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Cream puffs

I don’t usually post recipes here, but I made these on Saturday — not the first time I’ve made them, either. We used to eat the shells with a savory filling while I was growing up. It occurred to me that it’s been years since I made them, so I indulged this weekend. Continue reading