H is for historical

I know — in my defining the genres post, I established that historical and epic are different. Thus, this one is cheating for me. I don’t care.

Inhuman creatures, good vs. evil, main character with a dark past, sword fights, a story that takes place across two continents — Alchemist of Souls sounds perfectly like epic fantasy until you throw in that it takes place in an alternate version of Elizabethan England. Besides, I love Anne Lyle’s book, and if you enjoy fantasy or Elizabethan tales (including the requisite cross-dressing), you should check it out.

Mal Catlyn is a character who draws you in. He’s down on his luck, and you get the feeling from the very outset that he’s done things and seen things. When the guards come looking for him, even though he can’t think of anything he’s done that’s illegal, he runs, which tells you that even if he tries to stay on the right side of the law, he might not stay on the right side of everyone in power. Then there are all his thoughts about the skraylings, and you want to keep reading just to find out what they have to do with his murky past.

Also be sure to stop by her Website, where she has goodies like desktop wallpaper and deleted scenes.

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