Quindlen . . .

I only found one author to fill the Q slot of this A to Z series — Anna Quindlen, with one of her children’s books. I’m open to hearing about authors I missed, and if someone wants a pen name in a little-frequented section of the alphabet, I can recommend this letter!

Happily Ever After by Anna Quindlen

This is the story of Kate, a tomboy who loves both baseball and fairy tales. Her aunt Mary gives her a magic baseball mitt, and Kate wonders, just once, what it would be like to be a princess. Her actions in the fairy tales are not what anyone expects, and she’s quite happy to go back to her own life.

This is a sweet little tale that I’m happy to share with my own daughter (even if I’m not a baseball person myself). A fairy tale for the modern age.

Anna Quindlen can be found on-line at annaquindlen.net.