Step by step makes a project

Back in June, I posted about summer projects for while I travel. I figured it’s past time I posted an update on that.

I’m working on a new quilt for my son’s bed, roughly twin size. I’m using 8-inch squares, and the size requires 88 of them. I’ve got just over 1/4 of them completed right now. I want at least half of the squares completed before I start stitching them into rows. I’ll post pictures when I get to that point, too.

It won’t be soon — it takes me 3-4 hours to stitch each square. I can get an hour or two a day in, by taking time in the morning and evening, but that’s still a lot of hours to go.

circle, batting, and square for quilting

Laying out the materials. My son picked out the batting -- it's fairly thick, as you can see. He likes thick blankets.

initial pinning of a square to quilt

Circle folded over & roughly pinned. My circles are a bit on the small side, and with the batting so thick, the edges don't quite mesh as they should.

Square with all the circle edges pinned down.

All the circle's edges pinned neatly. There's some bowing of the pieces, but batting squishes and fabric stretches, so I managed to get the squares together so I could sew them.

Quilt square, sewn

A completed square.

Quilted square, yellow with red thread

Back of a square. This shows how much the square bends because the circle's too small.

Close up of one corner of quilt square.

Close up of one corner. You can see my stitches still have room for improvement.

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  1. It’s a space dragon quilt? That’s going to be cool.

  2. Looks like a neat pattern, but that’s odd to me that you’re batting each square. Never seen it done that way. On the other hand, I doubt you’ll have much trouble with bunching :).

    • It’s my first time trying “quilt as you go.” it’s definitely different. The other advantage? I don’t have to try to fit the whole quilt in my sewing machine!

  3. Cool! I can’t wait to see it done!

  4. Love the dragons. That’s going to be a nice puffy quilt when you’re done.

    • Thanks! Yes, we’re definitely firm believers in cozy blankets and the like around here (and good thing, too, this past week!).

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