Spring is here

What do you mean, I’m a month early? Tell that to the 50+ degree temperatures (or the 60+ it’s supposed to be on Friday). I’m sitting here with the windows open, letting the fresh air in. And here are the first spring pictures from the yard:

yellow crocuses

First crocuses of spring emerge through last fall's leaves.


Forget-me-nots add a little blue to the flower beds.

Daffodils beginning to bud

Daffodils beginning to bud. Should have sunny flowers soon!

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    • Funny, my husband said the same thing — how it’s not supposed to be this way. On the other hand, we weren’t supposed to have over a foot of snow in October, either. I figure it all averages out over time (and I’ll never complain about a mild winter, as it means much less pain for my ankle).

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