So much variety!

As everyone who has been paying attention knows, I’m truly grateful to have electricity and Internet back. However, for my weekly gratitude post, I want to talk about something else — and I’m cheating a bit by melding this with my monthly Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour post, which should have gone up last Friday.

I am grateful for all the books that are available to read now. With the industry in its current state of flux, it might seem scary to some. However, I’m finding books that I haven’t been able to read for years — books where I read one book in a series from a library but couldn’t find others at new or used books stores, let alone the library; books that went out of print before I discovered the authors; and omnibus editions of books I’ve loved for decades. I’m also finding new new books — books by authors whose vision won’t sell enough to meet the bottom line of a corporate accountant, books by tried and true authors that I love (maybe writing out of their usual niche but quite possibly doing more of what I fell in love with), and books by authors I’ve heard of but never tried before.

It’s an embarrassment of riches, and I love it.

That’s what the current state of the industry is, and what I’m grateful for today. Whatever I want to read, someone out there is publishing it. What’s not to love?

What are you grateful for this week?

Today’s post was inspired by the topic “The state of the industry (i.e., my take on what’s happening in publishing)”– November’s topic in the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour — an ongoing tour where you, the reader, travel around the world from author’s blog to author’s blog. We have all sorts of writers at all stages in their writing career, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check it out.

If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers and find out their thoughts on crossing genre lines, check out the Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour. You can find links to all of the posts on the tour by checking out the group site. Read and enjoy!

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  1. Erin: it’s not cheating so much as being efficient. Blame it on Sandy if you have to.

    I’m grateful for my family and friends, for a boss who understands that things really do get THAT bad sometimes, and that some pain doesn’t last forever… I am grateful for chocolate chip cookies and little kid giggles. I am grateful that my boy likes to kiss me even when my daughter says EWW you kissed on the lips. 🙂

    • Oh, Sandy’s definitely responsible for me not getting it up on Friday.

      A wonderful bunch of things to be grateful for!

  2. Books. books, books! A Kindle or Nook just wouldn’t fill the tables, nightstand, or bookcases. Isn’t it amazing what you can find in wonderful places. You just have to find the right library sales, used book stores, estate sales, yard sales and even friends who want to clear out their stashes. You may mean those tiny TV screens, but I’ll shout for the real thing every time.
    It doesn’t make sense to try to read a screen by hall light. It’s not the same thing.

    • A Kindle or Nook doesn’t gather quite as much dust, either. 😉 I’m a firm believer in words, in whatever form they’re available. I don’t just mean the tiny screens, either. A lot of writers have their backlist under their control now and are re-releasing old titles via POD as well as e-books.

      I agree on the hall light — but with some readers, it’s more like hiding under the blankets with a flashlight — where the book provides its own.

      And yes, some things really should be read on paper. I have all the OZ books in e-format. That doesn’t change me wanting the books on my shelves.

  3. I love the variety of voices now that wouldn’t have been heard before, as well as the ones who sailed off into the sunset and are now being revived as ebooks.

  4. Dust? Did that at the book store. This is the desert. There’s always Dust. Just buy light woods.
    Speaking of POD…. We, I mean the book store, carried the titles of POD books when I was there. More calls for them than most readers might think.
    I’m also grateful for friends, family, memories and every new day! That’s in addition to books…and DVDs.

  5. I love that there are so many books available these days, too. It’s wonderful to have great stories at one’s fingertips. 🙂

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