Snow day

As expected, I had a hard time concentrating today with kids home — especially when the girl got upset about being expected to help shovel snow.

Words today even fewer — 121 — and none of the rearranging of the outline accomplished.

Must get into gear!

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  1. Strange girl! … but then, I’m a snow-a-holic and grown up enough to act like a kid again! 😀

    • She doesn’t mind playing in the snow (or at least not if she can find her heavy gloves — she had her knit gloves on today, and her hands got super cold and wet), but being expected to work and not pause to goof off while her brother is working seems to be a bit much for her.

      My kids would both love it if we got a couple feet of snow, the driveway cleaned itself, and they could just play in the snow. 😉

  2. Heck, I would love it if we got a couple feet of snow and the streets and sidewalks all just magically cleaned themselves! Can you imagine an infrastructure where all sidewalks and streets were self-cleaning and heated so spills and snow just magically weren’t a problem? Mmm…I picture an army of Street Minions that feed on snow and oil and spilled girl scout cookies. heh.

    • On the one hand, that would make life amazingly easier. On the other, the kids might think it was missing the point, since they’d still have to go to school. 😉

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