Random Friday

Did I tell you I have a new flash story coming out? “The Call” will be the e-mailed story for Daily Science Fiction on Monday, May 14. If you’re not signed up to get their e-mailed stories, this is a good time to do it. Or you can wait a week, and they’ll have it posted on their site.

Spells & Swashbucklers, an anthology of pirates and magic from Dragon Moon Press, has my short story, “Maskèd Panama.” The official launch party will be over Memorial Day weekend at Balticon, but it’s available for purchase now (paperback at Amazon) (Kindle).

I did pick a winner for the Live and Let Fly giveaway contest and e-mailed to find out what format of e-book was preferred. Nutschell, if you’re reading this, check your e-mail. If I don’t have a response by next week, I’ll pick another winner.

It’s been a month since I’ve done a post on genres, and I do intend to get back to them. Life’s just been hectic — to keep those up while doing the A to Z posts would have required a lot more pre-planning (which I’m noting for next year). I will start those again next Friday. I’ve actually been pleased to see people find my blog in search engines by looking for things like the definition of urban fantasy or what makes cozy mysteries different from hard-boiled ones. Clearly, these posts are filling a need.

The A to Z challenge was a lot of fun, and the hosts of the challenge encouraged everyone to do a reflections post. They said, “You can put up your Reflections post anytime between now and Saturday May 12th.” Mine will go up tomorrow. If you’re interested in my thoughts, what I liked, what I’d do differently, come check it out. Otherwise, feel free to go enjoy the weekend. It’s supposed to warm up about 10 degrees here and be sunny (which still leaves it cooler than California and Nevada — springlike weather here generally is for the most part in the 60s and 70s). I may even get outside to plant the flowers I bought from the fundraiser at my daughter’s daycare (begonia, portulaca, impatiens, and geranium).

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  1. I was stalling on signing up for their email list until you mentioned your upcoming story on FB. I’m glad I did – there’s some really good fiction coming out. Can’t wait for yours!

    • Be sure to look through the archives on their site, too. They’ve published some really amazing stuff (and I’m not just saying that because this is the fourth they’ve bought from me!).

  2. Congrats!
    Since I’m a new follower I didn’t know you did posts on genre definitions. I’ll look forward to them as many elude me. 🙂

    • If you want to see the ones I’ve already done, Laura, the “genres” tag in the sidebar should get you there. 🙂

      Any particular requests for future genres?

  3. I don’t really understand the differences between high, epic, and low fantasy – it’s not something I’ve ever paid attention to as a reader. Either I like the book or I don’t. As a writer, I suppose I should understand the distinctions before I erase the borders. 😉

    • High and epic are often used interchangeably any more (witness Wikipedia redirecting “Epic fantasy” to “High fantasy”), but it wasn’t always so. Topic duly noted. 😀

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