Question for the studio audience

I’m considering offering a newsletter. It wouldn’t have a lot to it — news of any acceptances I have, mentions of whatever new I have up for sale — and would come out monthly. It wouldn’t duplicate my blog (which you can already subscribe to), although there would be some overlap.

Primarily, this is intended to reach out to those who only want to read my fiction but don’t care about whatever random rambles I want to discuss.

Would there be interest in such a thing?

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  1. I like your rambles, but like the option of just getting a newsletter, too. I’d probably do both. I’m a fan.

  2. Would you still be announcing such stuff here when it came up anyway?If so then a newsletter seems a bit redundant. Maybe have a ‘news’ page, and when you update it with glorious news of your multi-million dollar contracts and other such glorious things, just do a quick post and direct everyone’s attention to the page.

    • I’m in agreement. I already subscribe to your blog, so I already get an email when you post.

      To be honest, unless you’re doing a newsletter on a specific topic, I think the blog serves better. News might arrive the day after the newsletter, you’ll blog about it, and then a month later the newsletter reports the month old news.

      Stick to the blog. I’d prefer your time be spent writing more delicious stories for us to devour. Nom nom nom.

      • As I told Widdershins, the idea was aimed more at those who don’t read the blog, but it’s good to know that the idea needs work, perhaps some added value. If Alex does his newsletter workshop this year, I may come back to the idea then. Meanwhile, back to the writing.

        Thanks for chiming in!

    • The plan would be to have more complete information in the blog, especially the excerpts I post when I put something up for sale. The newsletter would be briefer. My idea was to reach out to those who don’t want to read my blog for whatever reason but who might like to be kept apprised of what’s available (which probably means asking people who do read the blog might not be the best way to find out if it’s a useful idea).

      Thanks for the feedback!

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