Q & A about birthday parties

Q: Birthday parties? That doesn’t seem very writing oriented!

A: It’s not. I said so yesterday. My son’s birthday is coming up, and we’re having a party for him for the second time ever.

Q: Really? And you think that’s worth a blog post?

A: Works for me.

Q: So — cake and ice cream? Maybe some pizza? Anything special?

A: Probably pizza. Lots of water for the kids to drink because it’s hot out. My son’s drawn a picture (with elevations!) of what he wants the cake to look like, and I’m going to make blueberry cheesecake ice cream this evening. The one thing I haven’t decided is what I’m serving the ice cream in.

Q: Um . . . bowls?

A: Yes, of course, but I’m debating between chocolate chip cookie bowls (bake the dough on the reverse side of a muffin tin) and chocolate bowls (using balloons as a mold).

Q: What sort of activities do you have planned?

A: Keeping it simple: a Slip ‘N’ Slide, some water balloons. Maybe a movie inside if there’s a storm (unlikely).

Q: Is that too little? Are they going to enjoy it?

A: I don’t know, but I’ve only so much energy to go around.

Q: One last question — you’re having the party at your house. Are you crazy?

A: Well, yeah. I’m a writer, aren’t I?

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    Works for me!

    Thank you.

  2. ROFL … love the last line!

  3. Yum, cookie bowls and chocolate bowls! Like Nicki said, save the chocolate for winter. Have fun with the party!

  4. Kathleen Hammond

    Need you ask?

  5. I vote the one that doesn’t have the balloons involved, but that’s speaking as someone with a latex allergy.

    • Ooh, I didn’t even think of that. Good point. My own latex sensitivity seems to be triggered by the combination of latex with chemicals — gloves in particular were an issue when I worked in a lab, but I’ve never had any trouble with balloons. Thanks for pointing out that problem!

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