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My book review of I Have This Nifty Idea . . . Now What Do I Do With It?, edited by Mike Resnick, is up at Vision magazine. (This book was a 2002 Hugo nominee for Best Related Book.)

My short story, “Essence of Truth,” will be e-mailed tomorrow (November 5) by Daily Science Fiction. If you haven’t subscribed, it will be up on their Website next week. (But you don’t really want to wait a week to read it, do you?)

I now return to my regularly scheduled NaNo insanity.

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  1. Hi Erin. I have just received and read your story, Essence of Truth. I enjoyed it. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think I may have found a typo. In the second last paragraph:

    “Do you really think someday I can create figures as lifelike as that?” the youngest asked.

    Did you mean to say: the youngster asked?

    • Hi! Thanks for reading.

      No, there was “a handful of drifters,” and the youngest of these asked the question. I do appreciate that you were reading closely enough to wonder, though.

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