P is for perseverance

Otherwise known as, why quit when you’re behind?

No, really. If you haven’t reached your goal yet, and you quit, you’ll never reach it.

Perseverance is the art of creating a goal and focusing on it — either on the long-term goal or on each step you need to take along the way — until you’ve reached it.

Sometimes, the goal is something like making it through another week. Sometimes, it’s writing a novel. Sometimes, it’s running a race, learning a new language, or raising a child.

Perseverance gets us through. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time — in my case, literally. Perseverance helped me relearn to walk, more than once. Perseverance is helping me relearn to run. Perseverance keeps me going.

What have you persevered at recently?

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  1. Great post. I needed this one today. I was sick last week so I fell really behind on Script Frenzy. I thought about just calling it quits for this year. But I will not give up. I can write 7 script pages a day to finish the script!

    • Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear you were that sick! Definitely don’t quit.

      I’m doing Script Frenzy, too. (I’m Erin_M_H over there.) I have all of 6 pages so far. If I don’t hit the 100-page goal, I’m okay with that. My personal goal was to try something different, to stretch myself as a writer, and I’m using this as a means to an end. It’s started me on the script, which I can continue working on, even after April is over.

      Good luck with your script!

  2. Another P word that I struggle with is patience. I want it to happen now, for the words to come out right the first time. If they don’t I don’t want to continue, but then I persevere and remind myself to have patience and in the end I reach my goals.

    It’s the same every single time, the only difference being that now I make it through to the end whereas when I was younger I gave up.

    • Oh, I totally have problems with patience! (Don’t even ask me how many times I’ve checked to see if there’s news about an anthology I submitted to this spring . . . ) I try to use perseverance to make up for my lack of patience.

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