The other day, I tripped on my front step. Skinned my left knee, landed with most of my weight on the heels of my palms — primarily the right. Nothing’s broken, and there’s no real swelling. However, the joints all hurt, writing or drawing for more than a couple minutes produces twinges in the back of my forearm, turning motions (like twisting a doorknob) give me shooting pains, and lifting things is hard. I’ve been treating myself with OTC painkillers, ice, and rest, and I’m doing better day by day.

Meanwhile, I’m mostly confining myself to the iPad because mousing is painful. Which means I’m not around as much for a bit. I’m checking e-mail, so if you need something, that’s the best way to get in touch. And if I seem quiet for a bit, at least you know why.

the offending front step

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  1. Hope the soreness calms down quick.

  2. Ouch, indeed! … do you use arnica? It’s good for bruising … hope all your ‘owwies’ go away soon.

  3. Ouch. It’s the damn little things that get you when you’re thinking about something else.

  4. Ouch! I’m glad you’re on the mend. Hug!

  5. Hugs. Rest up and feel better.

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