Ooh, the shiny!

Like the Tick’s brain, I am easily distracted by bright, shiny objects. We went window shopping on Saturday at the mall, and I kept stopping to stare at the clothing displays. I love all the glittery gold and silver tops and dresses at this time of year!

I don’t have to keep it to just this time of year, of course. Earrings are great bling and pick-me-ups. Or today I tossed on a gold scarf (a fashion accessory, not something to keep me warm, which I don’t need with this week’s springlike temps) just because — something I can do any time.

One of the cool things about these simple things? They always make me smile.

What are you grateful for today? What little things do you do to make yourself smile?

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  1. I like to try new and different foods. Especially cheeses. πŸ˜€

    • New and different foods are good! Well, some are good. Some, I wonder why people thought they were edible to begin with. πŸ˜‰

  2. Watching the cats on our road from my studio window – it’s a private road and everyone drives with care. The cats all have their territories, some overlap, which makes for interesting … conversations!

  3. I smile whenever a sudden new insight hits me regarding my current WIP…and not running off in a tangent trying to intice me to start a new story – oh, shiny!

    • Wait, we’re not supposed to run off on tangents? Oops! Knew I was doing this wrong! *laugh*

      Very cool on the new insights!

  4. Oh, lots of things make me smile. I try to enjoy the simple moments when they come.

    Greeting someone on the street and getting a smile back, bumping into a neighbor and chatting for a little, watching my cat get so caught up in getting pets that she falls off the back of the chair…frequent occurrence…or the same cat dragging a toy to the top of the cat tree to toss in the air and not getting that it’ll fall ALL the way down to the bottom again.

    Umm, mochas make me smile, chocolate, solving something (writing, programming, or life even), having a good chat with my boys…

    The list goes on. Smiling is good for us.

    • Well, yes. I post about things I’m grateful for (which are often things that make me smile) every week. And there are many things I don’t mention — the smell of jasmine tea, the dog curling up next to me when I nap, a bit of winter blue peeking through the clouds. It was more of a “what has made you smile today” question. πŸ™‚

      And I must admit I laughed at the cat with the toy on the cat tree.

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