One thing at a time. Or maybe two.

I started the day with a longish list of things to get accomplished, including a couple of errands I wanted to run outside the house. I didn’t get to most of them. What I did do, though, was write, again splitting my time between novella and novel.

Words written today: 3,131
Words written this month: 10,337
Words written 2017: 107,269
Average words/day 2017: 838
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read today: A few pages
Books read 2017: 8 (Really need to update Goodreads — 2 behind there)

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  1. Tsk. Lists. But writing, though! Nice count!

    • See, this is why I don’t #bujo — I would get tired of copying my list over every single day! And despite their philosophy, my tasks don’t go away just because I’m tired of writing them down. If only!

      And thank you! I’m pretty happy with it. Was going to stop sooner but realized I was almost at 10k for the month, so went back to it and kept going. 🙂

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