Nothing to say?

One of the problems I have with blogging is that I feel like I don’t have anything to say. (Okay, Mom, stop laughing now. I know that never used to stop me.) That seems kind of silly for a writer, doesn’t it? But having stories to tell doesn’t necessarily translate to having informed opinions about politics or climate change or the situation in Nigeria or new advances in technology or the latest films. (We don’t go out to movies much; between the price being so high and us having young kids who don’t sit still, it’s not our best entertainment option.) In fact, I feel so far from an authority blogger, that I might even have mentioned this before. If so, I apologize. Don’t want to bore you.

I’m going to try to branch out and blog a little wider this year. You can still expect posts about knitting and quilting, how my garden is growing, the new gratitude posts, new stories I have up for sale as well as sales to professional venues, and various reviews. I’m also going to talk about genre and subgenre, so that when I say a book or story is clockpunk or sword & sandal or epic fantasy, you understand what I mean by that. I’m also going to talk a little about future history — nothing as grandiose as Hari Seldon, but a bit about how futurists look at the world and project where it’s going, and how that can build a solid foundation for science fiction. (This will probably start off with some commentary on Charlie Stross’s post on World building 301.)

My focus may shift a bit. I may add new topics and discard ones where no one seems to care. However, this is the plan for the next month or so.

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  1. There’s always something to say.

    Have you heard about the A to Z Video Challenge?
    Blogging from A to Z

    • I think I knew there was always something to say; it’s being convinced that anyone wants to hear it that’s hard.

      I’ll have to check out the video blogging challenge. I don’t usually post links to videos, but it might be another way to expand my repertoire. Thanks.

  2. I have very little to say in my blog right now but have chosen to keep quiet, but really it’s just a sign that I need to pay more attention…

    • Choosing to stay quiet is a valid option.

      I’m trying to instill a habit in myself, so . . . finding things to talk about is good. 🙂

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