Not so quiet day

I knew today wasn’t going to be hugely productive. Rainy day with the kids home? Right.

No words, and currently lots of doubts about participating in NaNoWriMo next month, but I decided not to fret about that.

So I took the girl shopping for bits of the Halloween costume she wants me to assemble for her, did some reading, attended SFWA’s weekly operations call, put up with son and his friend gaming, let daughter go off to movie with her friend, and then did pizza and impromptu gaming (Hogwarts Clue) with our friends. All in all, a very good day off.

Oh, and I sketched. Today’s Inktober prompt was “screech.” This is a cave bear skull from the geology museum at the Colorado School of Mines. No, bears don’t really screech, but the open mouth felt suggestive. Again, used the Pentel brush pen.


sketch of cave bear skull

photo of cave bear skull

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  1. Very impressed with your last three inkings.

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