Not-so-manic Monday

Didn’t get as much written today as yesterday, but I did more cooking (baked the beans, then made beef and barley stew), plus had an annual exam (which required driving) and had to fill the car with gas. By 3 this afternoon, I was pretty ready to call it quits. (Instead, I poked at some information-gathering stuff online. Because stopping seems to be difficult.)

Words written today: 790
Words written this month: 5,204
Words written 2017: 45,719
Average words/day 2017: 1,203
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 15% of a different book*
Books read 2017: 2
Exercise reps: 0

* The three chapters yesterday were in a library book that I didn’t take with me to my appointment. While I was sitting there waiting (as one does), I pulled up a book I’d been meaning to get to on my Kindle app (yeah, best if we don’t talk about how many of those there are) and started reading.

In other news? I was flattered yesterday when I was talking on Facebook with some high school friends about the year I was a cheerleader (JV cheerleader, to be precise). They were complimenting me on playing against type, going after something, and being self-confident enough to try out. Given how high my levels of Impostor Syndrome sometimes reach, it was good to hear the view from outside. (In this case, I’ve always been convinced if even one more girl had tried out for the team, I wouldn’t have been on it. Five spots, five girls, I was on the team.) So thank you, my friends, for the boost you gave me!

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  1. Ashe Elton Parker

    Looks like a good day all around (aside from the continued illness), especially the outside view! It’s always nice to get someone else’s pov on things.

    • Thanks. Yeah, it was really amazing to hear that, all these years later. Makes me wonder a bit how many other things I missed at the time.

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