Not blown away

We live on the eastern edge of Pennsylvania — far enough inland that we weren’t subject to the devastation that hit New Jersey and New York. We lost power Monday night around 11, and we’re still waiting for it to be restored. Howevr, that’s all that we personally suffered.

At home, our cellphones (Verizon) work; my husband’s cell coverage for his iPad (AT&T) does not. No Internet, no heat, no landline.
Our son’s school district is still closed (16 of 22 schools without power). Our daughter’s daycare is open. The college my husband works at only has power on the main campus, so classes are canceled currently. This also means today my son and I are hanging out at my husband’s work (E-mail! Internet! My blog!).

Not a lot to do but read and knit (or crochet) at home. I’ll have paying work to catch up on when the power’s back, but meanwhile, I’m just going with the flow.

How’s everyone else doing?

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  1. Glad you came through it relatively unscathed!

  2. “Not a lot to do but read….” I Never thought I would hear that from your lips. Oh, I mean… I never thought I would read that from your hands. I am amazed.

    • Oh, sure, I’d rather read than do housework, but I always got my homework done. I’ve got a looming deadline, and I’d really like to meet it. Then there’s the writing–just as important as the reading. I really wanted to have my next novella, Jekylls, up for sale by now and be making good progress on that next cozy mystery.

      Enforced idleness is hard!

  3. Glad you are doing OK 😀

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