Not a fool

Not big on the whole prank thing. The only two that I appreciate are Google Maps (one year, they created a Pokémon hunt; this year, it’s Ms. Pac-Man on the streets of wherever you are) and ThinkGeek (adored the Tentacuddle this year).

Went to a surprise party for a colleague of my husband’s. I may have spent a chunk of time with my notepad and pen brainstorming the novella. Okay, yes, I did. It’s coming along nicely.

Eventually wrote some.

Words written today: 402
Words written this month: 24,575
Words written 2017: 81,202
Average words/day 2017: 886
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 0
Books read 2017: 6
Exercise reps: 0

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