No place like home

A lovely final half day at the conference, breakfast for volunteers, conversation with others, and a great neuroscience talk by Ben Kinney.

And then escaping the area before the hockey fans arrived, the beginning of a long drive home, wherein I’m sure I annoyed the Google Maps lady by ignoring her instructions to take the turnpike. (Turn here to take 476. Okay, take the next exit to intersect with 476. Okay, the next one? No? Fine, take Pennsylvania 33, then. See if I care!)

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful break, and tomorrow is all about catch-up. But I did get 104 words!

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  1. Bishop O'Connell

    It was really nice finally getting to meet you face to face and glad you made it home safely.

    • Thanks, Bishop! It was great to finally meet you, too. My one regret is that I really needed two or three times as much time to just hang out and talk to people. Next year, maybe?

      Glad you got home okay, too. (At least I’m trusting you’re not stranded in an airport and posting comments here!)

  2. Be it ever so ‘umble. 🙂

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